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Live in Beirut or Tyre?

I am moving to Lebanon in April to join my husband who is working for an NGO in Nabatieh. We need to find a place to live and a lot of people have suggested Tyre as it is fairly close. I don't have a job lined up yet (I work in NGO world too) so will be looking for work or volunteer opportunities and failing that, would like to be somewhere quite buzzy with things to do etc. Ideally, we'd like a 3-bed house/ apartment but rent budget is fairly low. So far, my +s and -s are:

Tyre +'s: Closer, easier to get around, more affordable, beach, relaxed, spend less money!
Tyre -'s: Limited activities, less work/ volunteer opportunities,

Beirut +'s: More activities, more work/ volunteer opportunities, classes etc., more chance to meet people??
Beirut -'s: Expensive accomodation (probably have to live on outskirts), cost of living, distance from husband's work/ commuting hassle.

Any advice greatly appreciated! And if anyone has a nice place for rent in either which is not too expensive, please let me know!

Also, does anyone know about any charitable organisations which need an experienced volunteer?


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