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need for a short term IT in Education consultant (Beirut)

We are looking for a short term consultant (2 months) for an assessment of the SIS (school information system) of the ministrey of education and higher education, as per the scope of work below. The person we are seeking should have a solid IT background and worked on similar information management data bases in the field of education.

if you have the right qualifications, send your CV and a letter of intent to nandraos@social
Thank you

IT in Education Consultant for an SIS assessment

Scope of Work

The consultant will be a part of a team of education professionals and will be expected to undertake the following:

Task One:

a) Assess the status of the current SIMS system of the Ministry Of Educaiton and Higher Education
Core question: How functional is the current SIMS?
• Describe what the current SIS system is, the features it contains, the upgrades it has, the way it operates and its different functionalities.
• Describe the implementation of the current SIS (deployment, training, support, maintenance…) and the impact of the quality of this implementation on the success or failure of the current SIS
• Assess the challenges and gaps that the system is currently facing.
• Assess the strengths of the current system.
• Is the current system sufficient for the MEHE to perform its activities? Elaborate.
b) Assess the pre-requisites of the future SIMS system
Core question: How ready is the enabling environment at MEHE for the implementation of an SIMS system?
• Assess the potential anticipated benefits of having an SIMS. In what ways will having an SIMS in place affect MEHE’s performance and the quality of services it provides to public schools? How, if at all, will the SIMS help the MEHE better plan future donor assistance to the schools?
• Assess the potential benefits anticipated at the school level. How will the public school benefit from having an SIMS in place? Assess the capacity of the school to engage in the implementation and utilization of SIMS.
• Assess the potential benefits anticipated at the regional offices level. How will the regional offices benefit from having an SIMS in place? Assess the capacity of the regional offices to engage in the implementation and utilization of SIMS.
• Assess the enabling environment at the MEHE and regulatory issues that are at stake and that might have an impact on the successful implementation of an SIMS system.
• Identify the institutional processes and resources including time, personnel, training that are required for a successful SIMS system. List here the changes in processes and resources at the MEHE that might be necessary for a proper SIMS implementation.
• Assess the MEHE’s internal systems that will help protect database access and the MEHE’s capability to maintain the database.
• Identify the follow up actions needed from the MEHE to ensure that the SIMS is sustainable. Such follow up actions include but are not limited to identification of adequate SIMS staff at the MEHE, at regional offices and at the schools, training on the use of the SIMS system at the central level and school level, provision of equipment to schools, ensuring continuous Internet connection at the school level and others.
• Present all the pre-requisites that are needed to have an effective and functional SIMS system at the MEHE. Such variables include but are not limited to: trained staff, modern equipment, school leadership commitment, good Internet connection, steady electrical supply, processes in place at the MEHE level and others.
Task 2: Assess options, conduct cost/benefit analysis and design recommended approach
a) Present recommendations for the possibility of future SIMS programming Protected content
Core question: Should funding be invested towards the implementation of an SIMS system and if so, how much will a new or complementary system cost?
• Develop and present the technical/functional requirements and specifications that an SIMS system would need.
• Make a recommendation on a) whether funds should not be invested in any SIMS initiative or b) funds should be invested in implementing a new complete SIMS system, or c) funds should be invested in building on the existing system and providing targeted support where needed.
• In case recommendation b) or c) above is made, present a budget estimate of how much a complete SIMS system would cost, or how much building on the existing system would cost. The budget should include all relevant dependencies including the procurement of hardware equipment, software development, training services, maintenance services, cost of MEHE staff dedicated to the SIMS, technology, Internet and infrastructure needs including specifications, data entry, maintenance, support, pilot, testing and all other relevant expenses.
• List the types of recommended activities needed and the risks and challenges involved in each.

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