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Need your help for difficult decision! (Beirut)

Dear @ll ! ; )

My name is Amin and I really hope you can help me a rather difficult decision I am about to make.

Background Info:

I have been an international business consultant and personal coach / advisor for nearly 20 years. During this time I have consulted all kinds & sizes of companies and individuals in various countries. In the last 10 years I concentrated and expanded my coaching & advisory practice, where I am specialized on working with depression, borderline, burnout, fear, panic and suicide patients.

I have developed my own unique method which is a pure mental training therapy (no medicine, no psychotherapy etc.) with positive results in the upper 90% range - even with complicated cases that have a Protected content illness career.

Now to my question:

I am of lebanese/german origin and have family in Beirut. Unfortunately I spent most of my life outside Beirut, the place I love so much. So now, to change all that I am seriously thinking about moving to Lebanon for good.

Of course, as you can imagine, I am facing a difficult decision: Head or heart? Should I take the risk, move to a place more or less "unknown" and risk everything, or should I stay in the safety of my current situation and always ask my self, what would have been if...?

This is where your advice could help me find a way. Do you think, that the sort of services I offer could find ground to stand on in a city such as Beirut? Do you think there is a demand? What about the mentality, I have lived in places, where the mentality of the people was a problem, because people rather not speak about such personal problems such as depression or panic attacks. They would rather stay sick than try a solution.

Now I have done some research but could not find too much on this topic related to Beirut as a location. I am aware there are many "coaches" and "mental trainers" but I did not find much on my specialized field.

So what do you think about this?

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Take care & be well!


PS: I may add that I would love to stay in my field but also have 20 years of international business consulting expertise in my bag - a profession that equally gives me joy and fulfillment - maybe this would open some door to do something challenging and exciting! Or is Beirut just as "crowded" with "consultants" as nearly any other place....

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; )

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