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Polyglot Event on 21 Dec@7 @The Greedy Goose,Monot (Beirut)

يا شباب
Friends, Amis, Amigos, Amici, Freunde, Arkadaş, Przyjaciele

A Polyglot event is happening from 7 to 10 PM at the GREEDY GOOSE, Monot Street.

This event has been running for a few months and I hope the internations community will be interested in it.
So far, we had people from all corners of the world, more than 20 countries were represented, and we look forward to meeting more people and for everyone to practice their languages.

So, let's practice foreign languages, and help foreigners speak Lebanese and Arabic. We will be booking a few tables at the pub (probably 4), and on each table, we will raise the flag of the language we will be talking. The main idea of the event is practice languages with native speaking people.

So here is the floor plan

-1 table for Lebanon to speak Arabic
-1 table for France to speak French
-1 table for UK/US to speak English
-1 table for for italian, german, spanish, portuguese and any other language

Let's also add a flavor by bringing in our Santa Hats...

Please help us make this a success!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE smoke in the open areas (:
This is not a dating service, if you're that desperate to find a date, you're at the wrong place.
Backpackers and travellers are welcome.
Happy hour for the thirsty one of you.


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