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Hello folks!
Hope you are all going well in this worldwide particular moment…

I am an Italian based currently in Belgium and I am in the middle of a recruitment process. I will be fixed at the end of Jan Protected content I am the selected one, for an exciting position at the University of Beirut.

In the meantime, I would like to start to know more about the current life in Beirut. I am desperately in need of motivations because the only few feedback I got until now, is not at all reassuring me at all…

In all the expat forum I checked already, there is only very little recent information. I suppose that this is mainly due to the covid issue and people are more likely still in confinement avoiding any external social interaction.

I had the opportunity to travel around the world and to live in many countries, but I never had the possibility to visit that city yet.
So, that is why I am a bit concerned about the current life in Beirut.

Of course I am aware of the big crisis happened just after the explosion (but not only…) and the only feedback I got since now are only very bad feelings…
I also know that the Lebanese are very welcoming and their foods are very delightful too, but we can all agree on that these qualities are not enough to enjoy living in a country…

I seams that the cost of the life in general has increased a lot recently (the rent is very high, the clubs and all entertainments are expensive too…).

Hope to find people here who will take their time to summarise me the actual situation and available for giving me some general tips about everything I should know before moving to this beautiful city.
Here are some questions to start:
—Which is THE best area to live in the centre? I heard about a very charming place where all the French expats are living (Mar Mikhaël?) surrounded by shops, bars and restaurants.Knowing that the university is located in Sin El Fil (I do not know yet if I will have the possibility to choose my accommodation…).
—Apparently, there is no underground and the public transports are very bad… So, having a car to go around, is it mandatory despite the traffic is a mess there?
—Is there any very beautiful sand beach nearby?
—What about the security, despite the recent massive emigration, is it still a safe place?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration and hope to get maybe the possibility to get to know some of you soon in Beirut!

All the best,

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