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Public Speaking Training Course! (Beirut)


If you are asked to do a presentation in public and you start suffering from: “Sweating, Increased Heart Rate, Panic Attack, Dry Mouth, Tense and Weak Voice, Nausea or Vomiting”, thus, be sure you are a Glossophobic!

People fear public speaking more than anything else. This fear is called "Glossophobia".

Most confident people experience a degree of nervousness or anxiety when they have a speech or a presentation. However, they manage to perform well simply because they learned how to master the Techniques of Public Speaking.

It’s mandatory for any university student, employee and employer to master those techniques so to shine in their careers and impress the audience when presenting in public.

If you like to cure your Glossophobia and start improving your public speaking skills, don’t miss the opportunity of attending a TWO day course with me, on Thursday August 30 and Friday August 31st, from 9AM to 5PM.

Fees per attendee: $ Protected content the two days).
Venue: Berytech, Mathaf Area, Lebanon
For registration: kindly send a mail on Protected content or call Protected content .

Don’t hesitate to share the above with people who might be interested in such course: you staff, relatives, siblings, etc.

Smile & Shine :)...

Georgina Ibrahim

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