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Where to live and what about Kindergarten? (Beirut)

Hi everyone!
Me and my husband will most probably, knock-on-wood, be moving to Lebanon in September. If all goes well he will be working in Beirut for about 3 years.
We have a 3-year old boy, and are hoping for a nice place to stay. Is there anywhere in particular that you would recommend - a special area that is more/less suitable for kids and families than others perhaps?
We are not very much "party-all-night-long" kind of people but enjoy eating out, meeting people and socialize. Since I will not be working in the beginning, it would be nice to have quite close to things to do.
We don't have a budget yet, but if you think about the price - anywhere recommended would be great! Preferrably a house with a garden, but a nice apartment with a terrace is also fine. Maybe a real estate agent is preffered, and if so - any suggestions?

Also - any comments on Kindergarten? Places to recommend? Things to think about? We are Swedish.

Any info you may have is appreciated!

Perhaps I'll see you there!

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