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Architects in Serbia (Belgrade)

Zdravo Ljudi,

I am an architect from India lived in Serbia 7 years already - worked 2 years with UNHCR in Belgrade (i znam malo Srpkih), worked with Architecture firm in Belgrade as well and total experience of more than 7 years - presently working with an American MNC in India.

Actually, I would like to move to Belgrade again (due to personal reasons) and so, am looking for a good opportunity in Serbia. I am good at coordinationa and communication/writing reports (what i shared with UNHCR) apart from designing or drawing. It would be great if any one knows about any vaccancies in Serbia which relates to this. Ja govorim Srpkih kao sam od Nish ;-)
FYI - imam i stalni Boravak u Serbiji (I have permananat residence in Republic of Serbia)

I would highly appreciate any kind of hlep/information regarding this.
Hvala svima

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