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Cat Hotel in Belgrade, Serbia

An information for foreign citizens living in Belgrade, cat-owners. There is a nice cat-hotel, with English-speaking staff:

"Cat Hotel Le PETit is a fine cat hotel in midtown Belgrade. Here in Le PETit Hotel we have hosted more than hundred cats now. If you're going home for holidays, going on a business trip or enjoying vacation - you should entrust your much treasured pet to Le PETit.

Cat Hotel is located in a large duplex apartment in Zvezdara. Here there are no cages - pets are free and spend time in comfort and highest security, in the company of hosts and other cats. All windows are secured with nets, rooms are air-conditioned and smoke-free. Only non-toxic cleaning products are used. Cats are served ultra-premium Schesir Nature, the finest food available. Each cat has its own toilet. Toys, climbing frames and scratching posts are readily available, while scents and sounds remind them of home.

Cats that need special care and attention - un-neutered cats older than 8 months, special breeds or very dominant cats - may stay in individual VIP apartments.

Cats are under constant surveillance by Svetlana and Miloš, expert felinologists from Le PETit Society. Society was started back in Protected content , and from Protected content a proud member of WCF - World Cat Federation. Le PETit Society operates legally and is listed in Serbian Business Registers Agency. All proceeds of Cat Hotel are invested in taking in, raising and finding homes for homeless cats.

Cat Hotel Le PETit is located in midtown Belgrade, on Zvezdara Hill, in Čingrijina Street near City Hospital. Regular guests have free PET Mobile cat transport service"

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