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Event Attendance (Belgrade)

Dear all,

Maybe you have noticed that sometimes at events, people you have spotted on the guest list before you arrive at the event never show up. Really unpleasant, isn't it? Especially when you hoped to meet exactly this person. We are well aware of the problem, but cannot and do not want to do more than to rely on us all to be more respectful towards each other.
Yesterday this has culminated in the situation that, after having 10 ppl on the guest list for quite some time for the DinnerNations event, a day before the event, the number dropped to 6, the day of the event to 4, and in the end only one person showed up (still there are 4 ppl on the guest list).
Imagine the frustration this person must have felt, sitting there alone and waiting for others to show up. I don't want to experience this, and for sure you would not like to be in his place as well.
As I imagine, and can fully understand, sometimes it is hard to estimate your schedules days or weeks in advance. But be fair, and if there is a doubt in your mind whether you can make it or not, do not just book a place on a limited event such as DInnerNations in order to possibly attend and keep your options open. Click when you are sure you can make it. There will be people who will plan their time differently because they did not get a spot on the event, although in the end, there would be many free spots left.
Also, if you cannot attend an event, cancel your attendance.
Imagine this as the courtesy you would show to a friend or a business partner, when invited to meet, visit or have dinner together - if you can't come, you would cancel, wouldn't you? So why not apply the same principle here?

Thanks a lot!

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