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InterNations rules of conduct (Belgrade)

In the light of recent events, we would like to draw your attention on following:

InterNations is a network that unifies all high profile members who are global minds, internationaly colored persons with good manners. Due to our very reputable InterNations members, we became very known in Belgrade and guests, that everybody is deligthed to host.
Unfortunately, we often face problems with new members, who don't know much about the dynamics of this group, who come to our events with an arrogant and respectless attitude, often also towards the personnel of the location that is hosting us . So it happened that we had complains from TORO staff and therefore we want to inform you that this kind of attitude is not welcome and will not be tolerated at all. The consequences of maintaining it can result in closing your account through HQ. Whatever miscontentment from your side there might be, it is a usus to regulate this in a nice and resonable way. If you are not sure about your abilities to do so, please contact your ambassadors.

Kind regards,

Your InterNations Belgrade Ambassadors

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