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Making Japanese pottery - 12 May - no exp. need !! (Belgrade)

RAKU EVENT - No experience needed!

Last 3 times we had so much fun and some of you could not come so we shall do it again, so here it is :). 12th May, afternoon-evening...

For those who did not come last 3 times, here is some information:

RAKU is a very exciting ceramic firing process. Originally connected to the Japanese tea ceremonies, the word RAKU means "enjoyment".

In this session we paint "naked pottery", already once fired pottery (japanese tea cups), with ceramic glazes suited for this process. Then we put the pots in a special RAKU kiln, which is heated on gas.
When the kiln is the hottest, and the pots are literally orange from the heat, we open the kiln and with special tools take out the pieces and bury them in sawdust in a closed container. This reduction of oxygen produces unpredicatable results. Later we cool and wash the pieces to see their real beauty - the colours change, crack, etc.

After the painting (about 1h) , the firing process takes about 2 hours, which is much shorter than the regular pottery firing process Protected content . In the meantime we chat, drink tea, eat snacks (sushi), enjoy. This is an unforgettable art experience for those who like experimenting.

Also this is a very rare opportunity to experience Raku firing, because it needs a special kiln,and unfortunately we have to limit our numbers to max Protected content , so do not hesitate to sign up.

Please note that this event needs a lot of preparation, so we need to make sure that people who sign up do not cancel. Please tell us until Friday evening if you want to come.
Thank you for your understanding.

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PS: Look at our photos from first 2 times :

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