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Midnight Cruise event - NO SHOW UPS! (Belgrade)

Dear Members,

yesterday and day before you received from me couple of e-mails where I informed you about our event and where I also asked you kindly to cancel your attendance in case you are not able to join us.
This procedure is actually a very simple one: you just need to click the button "cancel" et voilà! You are not on the guest list any more and we have a realistic number of attendies. Unfortunately just ONE of remaining 71 members did follow my friendly request. So we were counting with the rest of 70 persons who will come and join us for the event.

The PROBLEM was: the boat was rented for us, we were negociating the conditions, General Manager agreed and hired personal, including other costs for our event AND we ended up with around 30 attendies. The rest is pure mathematics.

InterNations events are organized only for you, to give you the possibility to meet new people and discover nice places in Belgrade. The last and ONLY thing that we repeatedly ask from you is to have just one minute of your precious time to cancel your event, which would make our planing easier.

Makis and me, we had to stand yesterday in front of the Midnight Cruise organizers trying to excuse your attitude! We had really big luck - thanks to friendly GM Petar - that we didnt have to pay for a loss organizers had last evening. The tour took place just because of you, because we thought that if we would cancel the cruise, the message would not reach you on time. Well, lesson learnt!

We have the list of persons who didnt appear yesterday. Only new InterNations members will be excluded from our "black list" since they are still not familiar with InterNations regulations and procedures.



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