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Serbia I beg you to never join the EU (Belgrade)


Read my reply to this question below and tell everyone you know that Serbia must never vote to join the EU. Read why below please:

Safety in Serbia
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Safety in Serbia

We would like to talk about a sensitive but important topic: do you feel safe in Serbia?

How would you define the level of safety in the country?

Can you walk safely during the day and at night without any fear?

Do you think there is a high rate of criminality, social problems or tensions?

Share with us your insight on safety in Serbia and in the city you live in.

Thank you in advance,

grand baie

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Re: Safety in Serbia
I was a victim of a crime, a very serious crime in Serbia, I won't go into it, but even so, if you just be careful with your money, most Serbians are poor, they may not actually steal your money, unless you're an illegal migrant, (I came here legally), but some definitely will try to con or guilt you out of your money. It happened to me enough times. They think because I can afford to come half way around the world that I am wealthy, it's just not true. My plane ticket was cheap. So was my visa inexpensive.

But that has nothing to do with physical safety. Physically I feel perfectly safe in Serbia. I come from South Africa, where I constantly packed a pistol in my bra, even inside my home, in my car, everywhere I went. If I sat at my desk working the weapon was on my desk also. Too many really bad things happened to me in South Africa, which required one to always look left and right and behind you, and never leave that gun behind. A pistol in a safe in South Africa is usually fatal. The black terrorists put a gun to your head and lead you to your own safe and shoot you with your own gun, or steal your weapon.

The very first thing I noticed when I came to Serbia, was women walking past me, young girls, in all hours of the morning, by themselves with their mobile phones in open display and handbags flung any way over their shoulders. This is a scene that you would never ever see in South Africa today, only before. Even men won't walk anywhere at night by themselves or even in a crowd. You could easily get raped, man or woman, or dog or lose your life that way.

Even driving in your car you are not safe in SA. It is extremely hot in summer, so you must have airconditioning inside your car, because you cannot even drive with your windows half way down, the blacks will definitely pull you out of your car or try something if you stop at a traffic light intersection. They held a gun to my head, pointed it at my son, strangled me and my ten year old niece in South Africa. This is something that will never happen in Serbia, unless Serbia joins the EU.

I therefore beg all Serbians never to vote for joining the EU. If Serbia joins the EU, I will leave Serbia also. All of Africa will come to Serbia, and Serbia will end up like Europe and Southern Italy today. Same dangers as in South Africa. Serbia, do NOT join the EU please. It's all false promises anyway, the EU lies. Trust me please.

But here in Serbia, I've even seen my friends leave their car keys in the ignition and walk away. South Africa used to be like that before Nelson Mandela, but not after.

Even though I had a terrible experience with my Serbian criminal, and even though Serbian police refused to let me lay charges in three cities, I still love Serbia. I hate South Africa. I am trying to see if Serbia will allow me to stay permanently in Serbia, please wish me well with that :)

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