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Working in Belgrade

Belgrade is an economic powerhouse in the region, being the financial center not only of Serbia but of Southeast Europe. Consequently, many big and international companies have their base in the city, too, which is good news for those wanting to work in Belgrade.

Local Economy

Serbia's economy has been growing since the 1990s and Belgrade is right at the heart of that growth. New Belgrade is the most important business district in the city and the country, and home to the Belgrade Stock Exchange. IT is a big industry in Belgrade, the Microsoft Development Center is located in the city and many global IT companies choose Belgrade as their regional or European base, including Asus, Intel, and Dell.

The average monthly gross salary in Belgrade is around 900 USD and GDP per capita was 6,353.96 USD, as of 2013. 

The level of English is quite high in Belgrade, but there are employment opportunities teaching English. In some cases a degree, TEFL qualification or experience may be required. There are international schools such as the International School of Belgrade and the British International School. There are also international English companies such as Berlitz. Salaries are around 800 USD to 1000 USD per month.

Job Hunting in Belgrade 

There are sometimes opportunities for expats with the United Nations offices in Belgrade. For more general employment information, a good job site is Balkan Job Finder. There are hundreds of newspapers and other periodicals published in Belgrade, many with jobs listings, but not many of them are in English, so local help may be required. 

The National Employment Service is responsible for labor in Serbia. It is located at the Republic Labor Market Institute, Kralja Milutina 8. Call center: 0800/300-301 (free of charge, 8am-16pm). Phone: (+381) 11 29 29 800.

Another useful address is the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy at Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 2. The available phone lines are (+381) 11 3112-916 and (+381) 11 3113-432.

Income Taxation in Belgrade

Personal income is subject to a 10% tax rate, but if an individual earns more than three times the average salary, a further tax rate of 10% is added. If somebody earns six times the average, an additional 15% is applied on top of the aforementioned taxes. However, this only applies to the portion of salary that is over six times the average. 

Employees also have obligatory contributions for the following: 13% state pension fund, 6.5% state health fund and 0.5% unemployment insurance. Serbia has tax treaties with many European countries. 

Please visit the website of the Ministry of Finance for more information.

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