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Brits looking for work in Bergen


I'm a 24 year old British girl recently moved to Bergen, Norway. I'm looking for a job for weekdays, maybe there are some families in Bergen who need before or afterschool care for their children? In recent years I helped to run a small local childcare business for 6 months in England and have many many years of experience with babysitting and general childcare for friends and family as well as for work.

I have also worked for a number of years in Film and Television and so am interested in the creative sector and the media industry also.

I studied English, Linguistics and History at the University of St Andrews, Scotland and am very interested in languages and travel - I taught myself Swedish as a student and so I understand Norwegian well and can communicate easily in either English or Swedish/Norwegian. Translation work is therefore also very appealing. I also speak basic French having lived and work in Paris for some time.

Hope to hear about some job opportunities in Bergen!

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