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Driving Liecense (Bergen)

Just thought i want to share my experience on getting a driving license in Norway. I have been driving in Malaysia for about 8 years but since Norway don't recognize Malaysian driving license, I had to do the whole course all over again.

It is firstly very expensive, the compulsory courses itself cost almost 20k, plus 4 double lesson with teacher and exam etc... it sums up to be about 30k for me.

If you are planning to take the license, make very sure that you choose the right school and teacher!!! I had a super bad experience with a teacher in Vestkanten, Loddefjord. Not only that he is impatient, he raised his voice and was totally unprofessional. Even when i express my dislike of his behavior, instead of apologizing, he reverted that he will then just shut up. So imagine paying someone Protected content to shut up while he is supposed to teach you how to drive. I actually gave him a second chance and drove with him the next day again and it was a huge mistake. It made me lost my confidence, thinking that i cannot drive AT ALL and became super nervous while on the road.

I ended up changing to another school in town where my friend teaches. With just two session with her, my confidence is back and i was so much more comfortable on the road. I've passed my exam on my first try by the way! woohoo!!

Moral of the story is, make sure you choose a school and teacher that is recommended. The first instance that you felt that the teacher is not working out, CHANGE IMMEDIATELY before he gets into your head and make it worse for you. I ended up paying 2 more extra lessons because the lessons with the previous didn't work out well for me.

School in the city are more used to foreign customer hence more prepare to conduct lessons in English. Out of city establishment like mine ended up forcing me to join Norwegian theory classes, so i had to guess half of what they are talking about....

I'm more than happy to recommend my latest driving instructor to you if you wish.

Hope this helps. :D

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