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Nygård skole sucks (Bergen)


Dear fellow members, unless you have already enrolled on a course at Nygård skole, I would strongly advice you to take our courses at some other place, Folkeuniversitet for example.

I was a paying student, and it took Nygård skole over two months to enroll me on a course (they said it would take a week). When I finally got a place, I was sent a letter on one Saturday that my course would start the following Monday. As it happened, I was in Finland then. Last week I got a new offer, but as I am travelling again in two weeks, I tried to call them several times (they didn't pick up – this is very usual of them) and email them asking if I could attend for only two weeks, so that I would get at least some teaching. I called them this morning and they told me I have been removed from the course, and they didn't even let me know! I haven't been called, nobody's sent me any emails, nothing! So all I know is that I could've paid for the course, gone to the classroom and found out that I've been kicked off. This is how they treat paying students, who knows how they treat those who get their courses for free!

Please share your own experiences.

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