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Advice on Opening Branch Office.... (Berlin)


I work for a exhibition organising company in London and we are looking at expanding into Berlin. We currently have our head office in London, with small branch offices in Hong Kong and Fortaleza, but are keen to grow with another small office located in Europe, with Lisbon being a very strong front-runner because of the low cost implications, but wanted to compare to Berlin as well. I was hoping someone with local knowledge or the marketplace/area could let me know a few things;
- Is there a surplus of British/US/Canadian Expats within the area?
- The average salary for a basic entry level business development role (averages/estimated are fine, just trying to gage into our budgeting)
- Is there a particular area within the city that would be best to research for office spaces?
- Given the recent recession that his been quite apparent in the city, do you believe this would be a big factor in opening an office, and looking to hire a combination of both expats and local staff (whom would have to be fluent in English)?

Any points or suggestions would be greatly appreciated from anyone who may have been in a similar situation...


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