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Aggressive and discriminative doorman at the Grand (Berlin)


I would have loved to come to the Internations party yesterday at the Grand in Berlin. Unfortunately, after waiting for half an hour in the rain, my friend and I were told that we could not get in and had to come back at a later time (!), although ladies before us were granted entry. The doorman gave us no explanations and when I told him we had an invitation, he rudely replied “it's not my problem”.

He did not even gave us the choice to wait, he just refused us to get in, for no reasons whatsoever: we were polite, quiet, well dressed, not intoxicated. I'm a 48 year old teacher and my friend is a 53 year old diplomat...

It got worse when I tried to have a look at his ID and told him I will report him. He then pushed me and was very aggressive saying “what are you gonna do, what are you gonna do?”

I think if my friend had not stand between us, he would have punched me for just looking at his ID.

I am shocked and really disgusted that Internations can hire and rely on this kind of individuals who ruin their reputation.

Has anybody witnessed the scene or had the same bad experience?
This doorman was at the door at 22: Protected content .

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