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American Citizen Wanting to Work in Germany! (Berlin)


I'm an American citizen searching for employment in Germany (Berlin preferably. I consider myself to be exceptionally hardworking, but I also have a knack for making people smile on rainy days.

As an employee, I can offer excellent organizational skills. My organizational skills were particularly challenged as a paralegal at Sarafa Law in New York City. It was my responsibility to maintain all pertinent information and documents pertaining to the work of the attorneys.  It was required that all documents be quickly and efficiently accessed.  I was commended for my efficiency and organization.  
I feel I am especially effective as a communicator.  I worked hard to demonstrate my public speaking and writing skills in a public speaking course that I completed.  My efforts were rewarded with an A as my final grade for all speeches that I composed and delivered.  My writing ability is substantiated by the grade of A that I earned in one of the most challenging courses, History of International Law and Thought, that I took as a student at American University.

I have an exceptional ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines. At Sarafa Law some of my main responsibilities were to deliver confidential documents on time in an orderly and timely manner to the attorney. Upon leaving, I was commended for my work.

My integrity, honesty and diligence is supported by the full scholarships that I earned to study in some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the nation. If given the chance, I will demonstrate why all of what I have articulated on this e-mail and my resume is, in fact, all truth. All of the information provided is verifiable by my places of employment and places of education.

I can deliver these services you seek and they are all substantiated by my excellence as a student, employee, son and friend to those I've met. I considered myself the best and I do not settle for less.

Have a terrific day to all folks living in Germany!


Jose Payero

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