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Barbera Red Wine Tasting Today 13th August (Berlin)

Barbera Red Wine Tasting TONIGHT at SPEZIALE! bar

BARBERA wines are deep ruby-colored wines with a bouquet of ripe plum and cherry notes with a hint of black pepper and spice echoed throughout the wine. They are also known for their medium body and relatively high acidity (making them an ideal partner to tomato-based dishes) and for their low tannins making them more approachable when young. When young, the wines offer a very intense aroma of fresh red and blackberries.

Barbera is believed to have originated in the hills of Monferrato in central Piemonte, Italy where it has been known from the thirteenth century. Most of these wines come from around the province of Alessandria, but they are also made in the province of Asti.

Wine tasting Firday 13th August:

BARBERA D'ASTI - Duchessa Lia
Barbera d'Asti red wine is made from the Barbera grape variety. It is produced in the hilly areas of the provinces of Asti and Alexandria.

BARBERA DEL MONFERRATO - Protected content
The Barbera del Monferrato tends to be somewhat sparkling (frizzante) and is seldom exported.

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