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Candidate wanted for Speed German Project. (Berlin)


I am sorry, I didn't check if the link worked. There was a dot too much but the issue is now resolved. If you are still interested in participating, please go to the page below (click or copy and paste) and read the requirements. If you think this is for you simply apply ;) There are only a few hours left until midnight. Total beginners only. Hurry up.

I am looking for a German learning beginner that would like to learn German in 14 days. I am aware that it sounds unbelievable, even spammy but I am serious. I did it in 30 days last year and have optimized my system. I would like to test it on you ;) You would receive 56 private German lessons for free and I would also pay for your B1 exam at Goethe on day 16. There are a few conditions though, so make sure you read the project page carefully: Protected content

I hope that appeals to you and would really like to prove that German is not a difficult language (for English speakers).

Have a good time

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