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College Graduate Wanting to Live & Work in Berlin!

As a student at American University, during the fall semester, Protected content , I studied in Rome, at John Cabot University. I fell in love with Rome and the European culture. I am interested to return to Europe with the possibility of living and working, there. While I am open to several locations, I am especially interested in the opportunities offered in Berlin.

My work experience includes part time employment with law firms in New York City and Washington, DC. These were interim positions because I graduated from American University in December, Protected content . I recently completed a 4 month position as a paralegal, which was really great. However, because I have not yet decided where I want to settle down, I am looking to explore as many options, as I can, especially those that might be available to me in Europe.

As an employee, I can offer excellent organizational skills. My organizational skills were particularly challenged as a paralegal at Sarafa Law in New York City. It was my responsibility to maintain all pertinent information and documents pertaining to the work of the attorneys. It was required that all documents be quickly and efficiently accessed. I was commended for my efficiency and organization.

I feel I am especially effective as a communicator. I worked hard to demonstrate my public speaking and writing skills in a public speaking course that I completed. My efforts were rewarded with an A as my final grade for all speeches that I composed and delivered. My writing ability is substantiated by the grade of A that I earned in one of the most challenging courses, History of International Law and Thought, that I took as a student at American University.

I have strong command of English, am fluent in Spanish and have some working knowledge of Italian. I have included my resume for your review. I would be ever so grateful for your advice about how I might begin to pursue the opportunities for living and working abroad.

I look forward to any response, advice and direction.

Best of luck to all,

Jose Payero

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