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Coming to Berlin soon

HI, I am Kirsty and I am coming to Berlin for a weekend Protected content to see how I like the feel of the place - with a pretty good notion that I want to move in the new year.

If anyone wants to show me a round for a bit, or has any really good advice on moving to Berlin then please point me in the right direction (already been round this site!), or feel free to just say hi or chat. I love rock music - but any good live music is always great, so it'd be cool to check some out whilst I am over. Rock/punk/goth/retro/indie/crossover ... you get the idea :-)

I am Scottish but live at present in Guildford, England.

I am a rock signer, songwriter, trainee vocal coach (part time at the CVI in Copenhagen). See Protected content for my musical endeavours. Historically I have been a contract software developer C# SQL Server, Agile, most recently CI/DevOps setups with Bamboo on The Amazon Cloud) and am open to perhaps doing a few months per year on software work (I do NOT really do websites!).

I will have a little rental income from my flat in Guildford and I have a reasonable chunk of cash to invest, so am open to the rather non-German notion of buying somewhere to reduce my month-to month living costs (and perhaps negate the need to do software work and concentrate on music - with some teaching/gigging income).

So, anything I need to know about living and working in Berlin - please do tell me!

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