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Documentary on Rwandan Women Driving Social Change (Berlin)

Hi everyone,

A dear friend of mine, the Berlin-based director Leona Goldstein, is making an exciting documentary on women's organizing in Rwanda. They're looking for people to spread the word and support their crowd-funding campaign ( Protected content ). Please read below and share widely!

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In Protected content , Rwanda will mark the 20th anniversary of the devastating Protected content . On the occasion of this important anniversary, Zapanka Films plans to release a feature-length documentary to share the inspiring story of Rwandan women in shaping the Rwanda of today.

The film “God Is Not Working On Sunday, Eh!” tells the story of Godelieve and Florida, two women amongst many Rwandan women who are working to overcome the painful scars of genocide through collectively organizing activities and services for individuals and communities, both survivors and perpetrators. It shows that “Hutu” and “Tutsi” are inadequate terms to define the identities of these women, as both are survivors of the conflict. Despite their divided histories, these women struggle for a common goal: reconciliation, equal rights and political empowerment. Without financial means or any specific education, they have managed to build a vibrant, independent women’s network that today plays a decisive part in reconstructing their communities, reconciling relationships, and driving social change. The title of the film – God Is Not Working on Sunday, Eh? – reflects the women’s appeal to direct action. The sarcastic, rhetorical question from Florida conveys her belief that Rwandans cannot simply wait around for other forces – godly or governmental – to provide a better future for them. Instead, they see themselves as the best guarantors of a better present and an even better future.

Already five years in the making, the film is now in the final stages of post-production, but we need additional financial support to get it finished on time. Today, we’re launching a crowd-funding campaign to help us reach this goal. We hope that you will consider donating if you can, or simply help us spread the word by passing this on to your friends and networks.

For more information about the film and how to donate, please:

- Support our crowd-funding campaign on IndiGoGo!
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- Follow us on Facebook for the latest project updates!
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- Check out the film’s website at Protected content

- And get in touch by emailing us at Protected content

Thank you for your support and helping us share the story of these incredible women!

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