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Dutch Art Design Berlin presents ROB LAGROUW

Berlin Art Week Protected content // September 15 – 20.2015

Dutch Art Design Berlin presents

This year’s Berlin Art Week will feature the works of an extraordinary Dutch artist, who creates his pieces of art in the hills of Italy: Rob Lagrouw. Best described as a true ‘uomo universalis’ (or just a crazy Dutchman, the Italians would say), Lagrouw puts his pure and and sometimes uncontrollable energy into creating unique pieces of mind teasing artsy furniture and big panel canvas paintings. During the Berlin Art Week the German and International art lovers will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the works of Rob Lagrouw at the DAD Gallery in the Heckmann- Höffe (Mitte).

After a successful career in the Design and Furniture industry, Rob Lagrouw decided to settle in Piedmont (Italy), where in Protected content bought an old vineyard in the beautiful and rugged hills of Spigno Monferrato. Throughout the years that followed the vineyard, which is named ‘Brusagio’, has been transformed into a center of creativity and art. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings, Rob's paintings continue to fascinate more than ever. Combined with his unique style of painting, Lagrouw also works on creating a small but wonderful collection of furniture, that can best described as small boxes and drawers on long wooden legs.

He who dances with art…
Watching the grand maestro Lagrouw create his works of art, you will be surprised by the apparent simplicity of his actions. His curious methods bring back memories of the Cobra avant-garde movement and the uncontrollable madness of Herman Brood. As the legendary Bob Ross would quote: “Lines are added with paint from a special squeeze bottle, turning them into an act in which water and oil paint collide and then transform into a typical Lagrouw effect”. A process that has to be repeated over and over again, just as long until the painting is no longer a piece of art, but a work of magic. With Rob Lagrouw as its conductor.

DAD Gallery // Dutch Art and Design in Berlin
During the Berlin Art Week, which takes place from September 15 until the 20th the works of Rob Lagrouw can be viewed in the DAD Gallery, situated in the Heckmann-Höffe (Mitte). Visitors will have the opportunity to take a closer look at Lagrouw’s furniture and paintings, which are also for sale.

For more information about Rob Lagrouw or the event:
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Dutch Art and Design presents ROB LAGROUW
September 15_20.2015
DAD Gallery // Heckmann-Höffe // Oranienburgerstrasse 32 BERLIN
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