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Earn €25 (Berlin)

Hi there,

we are a service provider to financial institutions in Europe and operate out of Germany. One of our products is an account switching kit to help customers switch bank accounts efficiently. In order to expand into other EU countries, we need to get an understanding of the information shown in the transaction statements of banks in different EU countries. This allows us to set up our services and continue with our internationalization strategy.

This is where you enter the scene :). We'd like to receive a *.csv file you downloaded from your current account. We are NEITHER interested in your personal information NOR use the information you provide for anything else than understanding what is shown on bank account statements in the respective countries. Please anonymize the file, i.e. delete your name and replace the amounts of incoming/outgoing payments +1 or Protected content find example attached). We will treat the information confidential, of course.

We are interested in account statement from banks in the following countries:

- United Kingdom
- Netherlands
- Spain
- Italy
- France
- Poland

Your account can be with any bank in the countries mentioned. We pay €25,- per transaction history of at least 3 months. Please reach out to us before sending any files.

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