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Free Laptop: 14" Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM (Berlin)


I got a new laptop computer and don't know what to do with the old one. Maybe I could sell it but it's unusual because I wiped the hard drive (with DBAN) so whoever gets it will have to install a new operating system (e.g. Windows or Linux). Therefore I'm just giving it away.

It's about 6 years old but still works fine.

14" display, Protected content 768
Intel Core i5 M430 @ 2.27 GHz
2 cores
488 GB Hard Drive
Intel HD Graphics
8x DVD
HP Li-ion battery

Included: Cord to plug it into an electrical socket, including a US/Germany electrical adapter.

I've installed Windows 8 xor Ubuntu 14.04 on it in the past and both worked fine. Right now, as mentioned, it doesn't have any operating system installed. You can buy a copy of Windows at a computer store. You can get a copy of Ubuntu for free online.

If interested, contact me by email: troy at troymcconaghy dot com

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