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German Public Schools (Berlin)

Hi everyone,

I am an educator and I am doing some research on German public schools (state maintained). The questions I am asking are very specific so I apologise if they sound strange!

What are the start and finish times for children who attend public school in Germany?

During their lunch and recess breaks, what form of supervision exists in the playground/football field/outside areas? (for example student to adult ratio and are the people on supervision duty teachers or other hired staff).

In a big school, how do children know who to go to if they injure themselves during the recess? For example a Grade 1 child hurts themselves and the teacher on duty is a Grade 4 teacher who the child doesn't know. How does that child know who to go to?

The angle I am coming from is one from an international school perspective based on the German public schooling. We are a relatively new school and there are some aspects that we (management) have been told we are unable to alter as "this is the German way", so I'm asking around!


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