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Hello - Getting a jump start on my move! (Berlin)

Hello all!

I'm so glad I stumbled across this site! My name is Gian-Luca Matsuda; I'm moving to Germany in a year from the United States! I want to get a jump start on gathering all of the information I can now.

A little about me: I was born in Brazil to a Puerto Rican mother and a Japanese-Brazilian father. I moved to Puerto Rico when I was two and lived there until I was just shy of 13, until we moved to Chicago. After bouncing around the country a bit, I ended up in the Pacific Northwest of the US, and have been in the area for about 12 years, currently living in Seattle.

Some things I'm interested in gaining more information about, as I fully intend to put down some roots finally.
-German housing market: I intend to eventually buy a home
-Investing in the German/European stock market(s)
-History and cultural information
-Transit systems and infrastructure
-Possible PhD programs for much, much farther down the line
-Networking - professional, social, otherwise
-Gente que tambien habla Español
-Gente que também fala Português
-German language learning info and resources
-Anything else that's available!

I'll mostly be digging around for this stuff myself as I'm sure much of this is probably already here, just wanted to put it out there. :)

I have an undergraduate degree and am currently in a grad program. I am slated to gradate in May and will have my MBA in IT management and a Project Management Certification at that point, just to give an idea of my credentials.

Happy to be here!

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