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If you could move anywhere in Germany, where to? (Berlin)


Hi there. This may be a tricky question to answer as all of our tastes are different surely. I myself am Canadian/ Finnish, and do not speak German. I myself work for myself in the design industry for web/ branding etc. Due to this I can easily pritty much live anywhere as long as I have a good net connection. It however would be beneficial to live somewhere where English is spoken. Now I know its pritty good in Berlin, but I am also keen about the possibilties of Leipzig. As i have understood "the boom" sort of has already happend in Berlin, and prices have also begun to rise somewhat. So for this reason Leipzig has begun to interest me. Have read a lot of good things about it. We will be spending some quality time in Germany in the next few months time but would love to hear feed back about both places, so Berlin and Leipzig, good and bad things. Thanks many!


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