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Investigation: US presidential elections (Berlin)

Hello, I'm a journalist from La Gazette de Berlin, a franco german online newspaper based in Berlin. We're doing an investigation about the american expatriates in Germany and the upcoming us presidential elections.

We would like to ask a few questions to a panel of american citizens coming from different backgrounds, working in different environments. That's why we thought of contacting your group and ask if a few people would bother answering a few questions. We are attached to have a sample of democrats' voices as well as republicans'. We're looking for people all around Germany.
We can make a direct interview (in Berlin) or send an email with the questions, which may be easier. We would also like a photo to illustrate the interview. No private questions. The idea is more to know to which extent the fact of living in Europe, especially in Germany, may influence their way of considering the american elections.
It would be great to have the interview completed within the begininning of the next week, in order to publish the article before the actual elections.

I hope you will be interested in our project and willing to participate in it!

Please answer with your personal email if you're interested.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

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