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Kosmopolitica Poliversitas Project Mas and PhDs (Berlin)

Kosmopolitica is launching a voluntary academic project: Poliversitas (Campus

We are building a broad network of PhDs, Masters and inquisitive friends and
acquaintances to meet weekly to study diverse disciplines in kitchens, living rooms
and cafes across Europe. We are building an academic archipelago.

We want to invite people interested in research, teaching and collaboration to join
our project. We are looking for Mas and PhDs from all academic disciplines and
fields to join a new academic initiative. We will be holding out first information
meeting the second week of February.

The project is being run from Berlin, Germany and Aalborg, Denmark and seeks to
bring academic work out of the university hall to those who cannot access these
institutional spaces and who also feel the need to work in more intimate settings.
We want to bring specialized knowledge to the general public because we believe that
higher education has a very important political function and is essential to the
construction of a healthy democracy.

We take as self-evident that a good education is the condition of the full enjoyment
of political, social and cultural rights in a democracy and this means that
intellectual education is a critical political act. Education cannot be a luxury.
Education cannot merely be a service provided in an commercial exchange. We think
that these are very powerful reasons to call unto academics with specialized
knowledge to step forward and help to build an intellectually competent society.

So we want to build a P2P community of advanced knowledge not limited to the
university hall and invite everyone to participate. To do so, we are calling on
specialists to volunteer two hours of their week to teach seminars in private

We seek to develop opportunities and foster collaboration for academics away from
academic institutions. Our project seeks to bring academic rigor and give
opportunities in teaching, collaborating and publishing to academics and
intellectuals who want to bring disciplinary knowledge out into the world.

You can find a more detailed description of the project here:
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Or you can contact us for more information at Protected content

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