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Like to dance modern jive / Ceroc? (Berlin)

Hey there! Anyone in Berlin like to dance modern jive? (Also know as Ceroc and Leroc, etc.)

It's big back home in the UK well as Oz and NZ too. And I'd like to get something going here in Berlin - to begin with just informal get togethers for a bit of dancing, maybe the odd intro class ...just for fun :-)

If you're interested let me know - either if you already have danced a bit of modern jive ...or if you'd like to try something new!

What is it?
The best thing is to punch "modern jive" or "ceroc" into the YouTube search and take a look.

It's a partner dance but people don't come with fixed partners mostly - they change round partners regularly during classes and parties. So it's very social and fun too. There are virtually no special steps to learn so it's very easy to get dancing.
And there's a great mix of music - lots of modern pop plus blues, swing, soul ..more or less everything except waltz!

You can PN me or email Protected content if ur interested

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