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Look for freelance writer/hostel/waiter fields job (Berlin)

Hello everyone,

I am glad to be part of this InterNations members. And I am looking for job in Berlin right now.

I hold Working Holiday visa which allows me to stay and work in Germany (But we have to change employer every 3 months according to the tricky rules, but there's some way to avoid also). I speak three languages. Mandarin is my mother tongue and I made my masters in Chinese literature. I am fluent in English. And I have been learning German for over two years now. I’m taking the classes of the German language to improve my grammar.

Originally I came from Taiwan. I was working as Communications Executive and Copywriter in AuroraTour Travel Agency. My profession is Marketing/Social Media/Copywriting. But because of my VISA problem, I have to look for short-term/part-time job. I hope to find some freelance writing case, hostel jobs, or waiter in restaurant.

I know my situation is really difficult, I hope there's some helpful information coming up soon.

Thank you for reading,

Ken, 18.09.2016

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