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Looking for a companion for dancing swing (Berlin)

Hi there, Berlin-community

This is a very spontaneous attempt to make things that are painful a bit more fun.
It’s about being tired of lonesome and somehow boring weddings of best friends. It´s about making fun and giving in to the temptation of doing something a bit crazy…

So, if you are curious, go on reading.

IF: you are as tall as me (1.70cm) or even taller, if you are as ironical, as I am (find out), if you are still a bit of a dreamer too (because I keep on dreaming), if you are not afraid of being an actor (because I am not such a good one), if u are self-confident (because I am much less self confident than what I look like), if you like to dance or if you’d like to learn how to dance swing (because its so much fun!), if you have a good portion of humour and a very good sense for irrationality (because strange things happen in life, no!?) you can always contact me!
And ... if you have nothing planned between 13 and 16th of August and you would like to travel to Cambridge, you really HAVE to contact me!

Write to me, I´ll tell you what my plans are and we´ll see ;-)


Ps. As what concerns me: I have been told sometimes that I belong to the category of good looking and charmingly interesting girls so there is nothing to be afraid of on this side ; Protected content category I have been put into is: smart but nuts, intelligent but a bit to stubborn, privileged but hopeless…etc…

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