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Moving 2015 to Berlin - Looking for some Help ...

Hello there,

my goal for Protected content to move as soon as possible in the city of my dreams.

I know .. a lot of people might ask the same questions but could you provide me with some help? (Yes, I will also read the other threads but still ...)

Do you know some good headhunters?
Are there some Jobsites to recommend?

In case anybody is hiring or knows somebody who is hiring .. or might just be bored and want to help find me a job :), here is some information:

I am looking for a Job in web development ...

I am working at Conevergys now (in Tunisia) and if the company is on Customer Service sector I would be happy, too. But I would take anything ...
I speak besides English also Arabic and French and I have a degree in Languages and another a degree in computer science . And in case you wonder how old I am .. I am 23 years old.

I would be more than grateful for a helping hand, some encouraging words, some insider tips .. maybe one day I will be able to repay the favour

I wish you all a blissfull start in the New Year and that all your dreams might come true .. mine is to be in Berlin.. soon

Best Tarek .

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