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New App for restless travellers! Testers needed! (Berlin)


Hi guys,

I hope it won't be considered as spam or violation of the discussion board. I would like to ask you for your expert opinion. But let me tell introduce you to my story first.

I just moved in a new apartment after staying abroad for a long period of time. As I planned to stay there longer, I have given away most of my stuff, before I left the country. Eventually I came back. I don‘t regret it, but when moving in, I realized that I need a lot of things for a short period of time. Say a drill or a set of plates before I buy my own and so on...

Buying stuff sounded the easiest but what if I go abroad again? It proved to be the most reasonable to turn to my new work friends and colleagues for help. In return, they asked their friends and then I had almost all I needed from within my new circle of friends. Luckily, the biggest part of what I got came from my immediate neighbours.

Then I thought that it would have been much easier to make a request just once and not to ask many people separately. Wouldn‘t it be practical to have a platform, where you can see what your friends have to offer and add your own stuff? In fact, knowing who has what would save my time, money and disappointment.

I tried to look for any already existing solutions. But this way I have only encountered a range of online flea markets.Therefore I decided to turn to my geek friends with an idea.

Usarium is an app we have created. It's 100% and is still in its early phase of development. We believe that our vision can contribute to our community and make our life more practical and more fun.

AND HERE IS MY REQUEST: If you find this idea appealing, check us out at Protected content or give me a shout at Protected content .


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