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Relocating to Berlin in Summer - Schools?

Hey everyone!

I'm new to internations, and soon new to Berlin, where I will start a new job in July - I'm absolutely excited, but also absolutely busy preparing everything, as you surely know.

As much as everything else is clear, I'm a bit puzzled about how to proceed with schools. My son will be 13 y/o soon, he speaks no german at all and I'm not so sure how should I approach this problem. There are no ways to learn German where we live, and considering schools start in August, he won't have enough time to learn it even if he would move with me.

So, I'm trying to find a solution for this. We're willing to let him finish, if nothing else would work, his next school year here in Italy, but that would delay his (and my wife's) relocation here until next June. Possible, but not the best by far.

I'm just wondering, does anyone of you have experiences in bringing non german speaking kids, halfway their primary/secondary school, in Berlin?

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