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Reply to Comments on the Saturday Beach Club party (Berlin)

Dear Berliners,

As I could not reply to the comments on the activity page ( Protected content ), I decided to post it here, where it can be visible and might be also of interest and use also to others...

First I want to thank you all for your comments, positive and negative.
I am also sorry for the unfortunate experience some of you mentioned.

As to my (InterNations) side… and I’ll try to do it as short as possible…

From comments I‘ve heard in the past, members tend to confuse the events and activities.

We have in berlin 4 official EVENTS, three of them are open for all and one is for new-comers only. We have there our register/check-in at the entry and our restricted area. Members check in and receive hand bands, name tags and InterNations drink chip. The main purpose is getting together and mingling. The dance/party is minor and more as an extra because with more than Protected content there are many who would like to finish the night with dancing. Therefore, even if the event is taking place in a club, we USUALLY start at 19h or 20h and have the club exclusively for us with background/lounge music till it is open for the public at 23h.

The ACTIVITIES are a bit different and their idea is to join together ALBATROSS members, usually in smaller groups, who share the same doing , e.g.: hiking, biking, concerts, shows, dinner and others. Those activities DO NOT have our people at the entry and the attendees meet at a given meeting point.

Specifically to the “Saturday Beach Club”: – It was an ACTIVITY of the “Party Zone” group, not an official event – therefore, no InterNations separate entry. this group is meant for those who enjoy exploring the night life of berlin, especially the club scene. – The issue with the game screening was quite spontaneous as on Friday I spoke with the owners and they still didn’t know if there will be screening of the game. – Some of the time I was standing at the entry and directing our members to our temporary area till the game is over, then we had our own sitting lounge. – Those who wanted to watch the game did so and those who didn’t, were standing together, chatting and drinking. – As Richard already mentioned, the number of the host is written on the activity page, exactly for the case that someone cannot find the group…

I think this is enough for now, but if something is still not clear I'll be more than happy to hear from you, so do not hesitate to contact (write/call/talk) me – I’m there to find solution for every issue raising during the event/activity and make everybody happy, our members and the location owners/managers… ;)

Once again, sorry for your disappointment and hope you’ll enjoy our future events and activities.
Yours, Barry

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