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Residency registration in Bürgeramt (Anmeldung) (Berlin)

Hello, we plan to move to Berlin to apply for residence permit for the purpose of freelance or self-employment. The first thing we need to apply is be registered as residents of Berlin at Bürgeramt.
Could anyone please kindly educate me a little bit - how does one find the apartment for rent that would allow to do that (we would want to sign a 3 month rental contract first, but best case scenario is we would stay in this apartment long term too). I assume some sort of explicit consent from the landlord is required? Where is the best place (online) to look for such accomodation? (I suppose short terms rental sites like AirBnB are not fit for the purpose)? What is it that we should seek for in the rental terms? Or should we just ask the landlords separately every time?
Thank you!

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