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Seeking: Front End Web Development Contracts. (Berlin)

Hi, I will be arriving in Berlin late June, and while I should (hopefully) still be getting contracts from back home in New Zealand, I am keen to get involved with a German Company. I only speak English so I realise this might be a bit of a long shot.

I have 2 years front end development experience (mostly with rails, some php also), I am capable of picking up some simpler backend jobs. I have used backbone in a few projects, set up servers (mostly for rails) set up big nasty looking Zend PHP apps to deploy with capistrano, and have a pretty good eye for design. I have worked on a few startups, and I am coming to Berlin more for the experience than to make money so will give good rates. I also have access to a pool of freelancers at varying rates and skill levels (I am currently part of a freelancer collective) so even if I don't fit what you might be require I might be able to help you find someone who does.



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