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Seeking the fittest journalist in Berlin :-)

Dear Internations Community,

Thanks for this space, to come up with inquiries like this one:

Having grown up in Tanzania, I became a German Banking and Capital Markets Lawyer. For 5.5 years now I've been in courts with a ponzi-schemed financial market player of the Protected content , that turned out to be the steel and aluminium producer of the Protected content - i.e. our White Supremacy. I fulfilled my lawyerly obligations by assessing our so-called "Capitalism" in a bombshell of survey. Behind of it all is the European Weapon Industry, that is the Monarchy, Systemic Banks and the Free Masons.

Having just recently finished my studies, it needs a gifted journalist. I'm in touch with big players, but from what I've learned is that a community is always the smarter approach to find "ones": Make Berlin Great Again :-) Any journalist with a big vision in town, anybody knows anybody who is engaged in journalism?

A financial background plus knowledge of economical systems and structures would be appreciated - at least it would be great if ZeroHedge is understood. Since our Dinosaurs try to hide their heritage alongside their parentelaes in 'conspiracy theories', it needs some historical, biblical, psychological and religous knowledge. And because the market reports of the super-rich for the Protected content tell quity frankly, where the top of our pyramid runs to, a futurist mind with interest in the Blockchain stuff etc. would be of highest value.

It's time to take over. Please be assured, that none of this has to do with our normal life or "civilization" (there is none), hence nothing has to do with gender (there are none), "colours" (there are none) and / or finances (there are none neither lol), solely with Antisemitism. "There is no there there" - Hannah Arendt

Looking forward to your inquiries! Thank you.



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