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Swedish Tandem Partner - offering German/Spanish (Berlin)


Hey there,
I plan to visit Sweden this or the latest next year - and I really want to be able to talk (on my new years resolution list). So I already started a little bit but in order to really get some more motivated I would need someone to tak to. And thereby realizing how bad I still am and getting better for the next meeting.

So in short....I am looking for someone who speaks Swedish and would be my Tandem partner with casually meetint up. How often and what to do - we'll figure it out. Since I am German is my mothertongue, I could of course speak German with you (duhh). Since all what I know about Scandinavia is, that they are good in Englsih, I am not putting that on the table. But if you are interested in Spanish and do not need the business level but more conversational and living stuff - I can help you out there too. Just never ask me about grammer in either one - no clue whatsover, its more of a feels right or wrong thing for me.

So say hello - would love to get in touch

And may all your own new years resolution be fullfilled as well XD

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