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Thinking to move to either Berlin or Hamburg

Hi there,

my name is Jo and I am a 27 years old product management professional from Italy.

Due to the awful situation my country has gone through the past few years I started studying and working elsewhere (Australia) but then I had to come back due to some visa restrcitions.

Presently I am seriously thinking to move to Germany in a month or two which is why I am trying to learn German by myself. As soon as I get there I will hunt for a casual position in order to address my living expenses and then I will either look for a marketing/product position or restart studying another degree (I noticed public Unis are pretty cheap).

Other than working as Product Manager I have taught English and Spanish (where I lived a semester) in my home country and worked as translator on a freelance basis.

I am in two minds between Berlin and Hamburg. I went to Berlin once and I was completely amazed by how lively the city was but that was from a tourist perspective only and I don't really know much else. I ntoiced that the city was much cheaper than Milan which obviously was another advantage (take into account Milan is really misproportioned in terms of salaries/life costs).

Similarly I have never been to Hamburg and I don't have many info about it. I was told job opportunities might be higher than Berlin as there's a wider corporate presence (where in Berlin there are primarily start-ups) but on the other hand life is a bit more pricey.

So, in a nutshell, I would be really thankful to all of you if you can give me any suggestion about moving to Germany and illustrate the differences between Hamburg and Berlin! I mean how they differ regarding opportunities, costs and which one of them is more suited according to my professional profile.



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