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Worried about $$$ (Berlin)


I currently live in USA, I'm getting a job offer from a company in Berlin next week and I'm worried about finances.

My wife and I are open to moving to Berlin, but if we do we want to be able to enjoy things like, eating out a lot, traveling within Germany and rest of Europe, living in a nice (nothing crazy, prolly $700/month) apartment entertainment, and of course coming home to USA a couple times a year.

I've read a lot of conflicting information online about how people can live off just a few thousand dollars a month. I don't see that happening and still being able to fully enjoy all of what living in Europe offers.

Once you factor in taxes (married, no kids), health insurance, some type of savings each month, and other fees, it seems like the place that people say is "Cheap" isn't so cheap.

I'm looking at probably around 57,000 Euro Gross a year. I'm sorry if people think I'm being dumb asking, but I don't know... so I'm hoping to get some good advice.

Is that enough for a married couple to live a nice life, travel, enjoy what Berlin has to offer and still save money?

Thank you, and I apologize if this question is obnoxious to some people.

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