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HSBC Expat Survey 2014 - Lets get Bermuda on it!

Fellow expats* in Bermuda,

This is a call to encourage you all to complete the HSBC Protected content Explorer Survey by 9th May Protected content get Bermuda on the map! It'll only take a few minutes. See further below for background to what it is and to see last year's results. They need at least Protected content for a country to be featured and we didn't have enough for last year - but Cayman was on there. So if only in the spirit of competition, have a go! The results will be released in the Autumn.

>> Link to survey: Protected content

>> Reminder, please complete by 9th May Protected content

>> Please also share this with other expat colleagues, friends and
>> family in Bermuda.
>> Many thanks for your your contribution in ensuring that our wonderful
>> island features this year and I'm excited to see what people are saying.
>> Background:
>> Protected content Explorer Survey:
>> Last year 7,000 expats from around the world took part. This really
>> helps to gain greater insights into their lives.
>> The survey provides an insight into how expat life differs from
>> country to country, continent to continent and from an expat’s
>> country of origin by covering four key aspects of expat life:
>> Protected content Economics – Expat Economics looks at a range of factors
>> Protected content expat earning levels, spending, saving and investing
>> Protected content , and the impact of the current global financial climate to
>> Protected content an informed picture of expats’ economic situation around the
>> Protected content .
>> Protected content Experience – Expat Experience looks at expat quality of life
>> Protected content emerging trends on expat relocation, how expats keep in
>> Protected content with friends and family and their plans for retirement.
>> Protected content Children Abroad - Raising Children Abroad looks at four main
>> Protected content deemed important for expat parents: child-care, health
>> Protected content and experience.
>> Protected content Expenses – The Expat Expenses league table is a new addition
>> Protected content unveils the most cost-effective countries for expats to live
>> Protected content on everyday expenses.
>> The report findings are hosted on-line on the award winning Expat
>> Explorer Interactive site: Protected content

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