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Museum of Now - Exhibition (Bern)

Hey everyone, I'm sharing below the information about Museum of Now, an exhibition organized by Kaospilots, where I study.

# Where?

At Löscher
Viktoriastrasse 70, Protected content

# On Tuesday, July 12th from 18:00 to 22:00

Museum of Now is an exhibition/event organized by the Kaospilots, a multicultural, social innovation, social business and leadership school based in Bern, Switzerland. Please join us for an evening of sharing conversations, connecting and celebrating over some snacks and drinks.

This is a one night only event featuring a culmination of highlights from the schools’ past year. Projects and activities by students in second year as well as the soon to graduate third year students will be showcased. The event will be divided into two parts, Cape Town Outpost by recently returned Team SUI3 and Final year projects from the soon graduating Team SUI2.

Cape Town Outpost

As part of the Kaospilots education, team 21 from the school in Denmark and team SUI3 from Switzerland spent 3 months in Cape Town, South Africa as an organization. There will be elements from the different projects and partnerships and the work that took place with local organizations including the team-wide project that included all 45 students from both schools.

This section will include parts from the Thetha Ngayo concept and event initiated there. Thetha Ngayo is Xhosa and translates roughly to “Lets talk about it”. The project’s focus was on the stories that are untold, the conversations that rarely happen in societies. There will be a broadening of this concept through collecting and exhibiting topics, questions and opinions from locals in Bern through photography and video and drawing.

Final year projects

The students from Team SUI2 will exhibit their final year projects and showcase what the school essentially produces. The Kaospilot education is a non-traditional 3year program that encourages practical learning. It offers opportunities for personal growth and development while teaching skills in Project Design, Process Design, Business Design and Leadership. Students in their final year have embarked on a 1 year long process of developing personal ideas and concepts that for some have turned into businesses or potentially long term projects. This part of the exhibition will feature some of these and more.

After conclusion of the one night event, the exhibition will move to the Innovationsdorf (work space hub) located next to the school premises at 36 Wylleringstrasse, Bern.

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