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Possibility of coaching for free (Bern)

I am a line manger working in a corporate International organization in Basel, and as I have a great interest in supporting people, decided his year to enroll myself in an “integral” coaching course.

I am now at the stage of the course where I am looking for guest clients and wondered if you or anyone you know would be interested in being coached? As part of the course, I am currently being coached with this “integral” based approach, and I have to say this is really one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

The “integral” coaching program itself is designed so that I can work with any goal that the client brings, being it becoming more effective in your role to living a more fulfilled life. The aim is to help clients to explore their goal and enable them to generate the skills needed to self-correct and also to generate new ideas to help them in the future, see further information under the course page here.

The type of people who are likely to benefit most from this coaching experience are people who want to reflect on where and who they are at the moment, and where they would like to see changes in their lives, professionally or personally. Perhaps you would like to change how you approach things, address some feedback, or are at a cross-roads in your life through result of career or perhaps a relationship?

The first session, somewhere in mid-October would be an “intake session” where we would explore your life, following which I would then build a tailor made program to suit you. As part of the sessions we will cover everything about you and your world. This includes your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and intentions as well as everything that is happening to you physiologically, socially and environmentally.

As part of the work I would give you some “reflection questions” to help you to build an understanding on what is going on for you, and in addition a “practice” to support you in experiencing life from a different perspective. We would then meet regularly (for about Protected content , Protected content sessions every Protected content to discuss how things are going and adapt things as necessary, with the outcome at the end being that you have the skills to then also self-generate ideas for use by yourself in the future in whatever may come up.

As part of my certification process, I need to record my coaching sessions so that I may receive feedback on my performance. I would like to reassure you at this stage that the recordings are held confidentially within the organization I am doing the training with (New Ventures West) and that my tutors neither know you nor keep records of who you are – they are only interested in my work during the sessions.

All sessions will be free- I am building my expertise on how to coach and you are providing me with a great opportunity to put my learning into practice.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, and we can arrange a time to touch base.

Thanks for your help!


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